Thursday, April 17, 2014

How is HCM doing on checking backgrounds?

HCM or Human Capital Management undertook a change or reorganization back a few years ago.  We know that hiring and other functions of the department have been very unorganized and inconsistent.  The area that also needs help is staffing.  We know that many employees have not been vetted and some have records.  One individual at an elementary has been there for many years and back in 2009 or so he was called by OPS because they found a record on him.  Apparently it dealt with assault involving minors or the like.  The person was off a few days and came back and is still at the school. 

So we can go through many individuals but HCM does not vet well.

For example we have Christopher Riddick who was hired by FWISD.  He abandoned FWISD years ago.  He went on to work at Milwood hospital and was fired due to HIS PATIENT COMMITTING SUICIDE.  So I wonder if he put it on his resume now that he has been rehired.  Former employees describe him as a bully.  So is he safe to work with students or be around them?  WHy would he be rehired?  He must have friends in high places and how did HCM not find out about his prior employee? 

The district sure found out that palazzolo owed some money back in the 80s, which was a non issue and they used it to fire him because he lied on his application and then on settlement said they didn't want him around children but you have  someone who does worse and gets a nice position.  Tell me if that's not hypocrisy..

So who is doing the background checks?  Apparently it looks like no one......

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