Thursday, April 10, 2014


As you may recall, Dansby has long been a fort worth child in the ISD.  He has been a manager for the most part as it shows in how he can't seem to manage curriculum or knows exactly what our schools need.  If it's a football field or anything athletic he is on it and giddy like a kid, just watch him at board meetings.

But let's get to what is gong on now.  The Palazzolo case was settled in court but they haven't responded to an appeal.  Then a defamation suit was filed due to the release of the executive session recording that showed just how they would get Mr. Palazzolo to disappear from being in schools and basically put him in a closet.  Now that the case will move forward, the district discussed in closed session to ask the attorney general if he can get sued since the information was done in closed session and that's confidential.  Well it would be different if the district had not released the information on what they call an accident.  As mentioned in other writings and I believe statements from the people involved are in the documents not meant to be seen post, if not can give you access to them.  In those statements most of the workers state that they have never been asked to put microphones inside a closed session and even the technicians were surprised that they had to put up the microphones and second that they were asked to leave and have the secretaries handle the equipment when they have never done it.

Dansby states in his statement that a board member needed the microphones to amplify the conversation.  If any of you have ever been inside the board room, when you have only board members I am sure that they could hear each other.  The only way for a microphone to amplify if it's on.  From the statements Dansby asked for them to amplify sound and make sure they were turned off.  How do you amplify if they are not on?

So now he finds himself in another lawsuit that will cost more money.  The district lawyers or others that the district used declined to represent him.  Now the district has acquired other lawyers of which one is pictured as a registered lobbyist. 

Now the Star is upset that the board keeps delaying Dansby's evaluation and mainly because there are board members who are opposed to extending his contract.  SO far it looks like 4 to vote no, so get with your board member to pressure to vote him out.  He has caused enough trouble and money.  Recall the Tocco issues, he was involved in that but of course when you hide everything then he is safe. 

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