Sunday, April 20, 2014


Our board has been deliberating for some time now whether to appeal the palazzolo verdict.  While many of us want the district to move on, it seems that since sore losers don't want the dirty laundry out they will continue to fight and waste our tax dollars to feel vindicated.

A jury of their peers, listened and deliberated as the system is setup to be.  The facts are there, facts not hear say.  We do have a board member who has been chastised and bullied by the rest just because she speaks her mind.  See below what was asked and the response.  You would think we live in America where we live by the rule of law and yet some think they are above it.

Dansby messed up and now wants all to clean it up.  Yes taxpayer you will foot the bill for his defense on the defamation suit.  Yes it is 1 million for the first case and who knows how much more.

So when you hear that there is no money you can point to those that wasted it.

3.CIA said on 4/17/14 - 01:19PM
Dr. Sutherland, off topic, will the board let the public know if it is appealing the palazzolo ruling? No voting of any kind was taken. I know the sensitivity of the case and don't want you to get in trouble by me asking the question. We feel if they are it should be told to us.
4.Ann replies said on 4/17/14 - 04:32PM
If there is an announcement of the appeal, I will post it here. Also, after the appeal is filed it becomes public knowledge so you will be able to read the reasons behind it. I am staying away from the board's deliberations on this issue.
5.Jacob said on 4/17/14 - 10:27PM
6.Jacob said on 4/17/14 - 10:28PM
as in why are you staying away? why wouldn't you be part of a board deliberation on an issue?
7.No Strings Attached said on 4/20/14 - 09:38AM
Is this because you would be the "lone holdout?" I mean, I've watched you on several issues and I rode with you to Austin to protest and I feel that most of the time, you are just. Unfortunately, this will probably come down to who's willing to stick their neck out for what's really a matter of concession. No one wants to concede that AHHS did anything improper nor did Dansby. All that ego hurts our district! We should pay him his money and come clean because we look really stupid trying to save face! Everyone heard those leaked tapes! Stand up, Ann don't shy away from those bullies!
8.Ann replies to #7 said on 4/20/14 - 07:39PM
I may be the last holdout but I'm not sure. Originally Juan Rangel, Carlos Vasquez and I all voted not to terminate Mr. Palazzolo, but they are no longer with us. There are three new board members but they didn't have a vote on whether we went to trial. Perhaps I should be more available when the board considers whether to appeal. It was very hard to testify; I was exhausted for 3 days even though the testimony only took an hour.

So our own board bullies her to stay away from telling the truth.  What an outrage!!!  Citizens voting beings next year to replace.. let's do it and clean up.

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