Thursday, April 24, 2014


We had inquired how our tests scores did and how our kiddos are being taken care of academically.  As you may know the state sets the standard for the initial inception of any test low to allow time to do well. This area is being edited since we forget not all know the education lingo.  The new chart shows what the scale score means in a percent.  For example 3rd grade reading, students need to only pass 20 questions for 50% and that's the minimum score.  For 5th grade of which we have scores.  In Reading they need to make a 57% to pass and so on as you look at the grades. We are still in Phase 1.  So our issue is that the district celebrates the minimum and we do appreciate the effort made but when you look down the road and how the number will rise to 78% after two years or so unless the commissioner decides differently.  Why are we not focusing on the long term and teach our kids to reach higher. We spend second semester remediating when we should be proactive.  Teachers are bogged down teaching the test and many others are sacrificed.  If you look at the scores and how they put how many need just one question or 4 to pass, that's the focus for second semester and the rest of the year, only those who you think will pass will be taught.  So then what happens to the 40% or so that didn't?  We have asked that question, we have asked what can be done to stop this trend and end up with the same results.   They have no clue, just a bandaid each year.

The scale score is what the state assigns to show growth through the years, so you can see here the minimum scale score for passing and so on.  Hope this helps a bit better but you can always email and can provide more clarity.  Also the Level III advanced is what we will be measured as well, how many excel.  Once the final results come out, judge for yourself how ready our students are at the highest level.

The links to the scores:

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