Wednesday, April 16, 2014


We all know that rewards are high in FWISD if you are involved in a cover up and play by the rules.  Also the growth of staff at the district continues and of course many questionable hirings of family members.

So let's drop the red carpet!

Here comes Debra Bell secretary to former principal winner Alexander.  She is being promoted to technology.  So this is her reward for helping cover up the issue at AHHS.  At the same time you have very qualified individuals who have been passed over even when they are doing the job.  If not mistaken Diana Vargas at staffing processed her own son for a technology position where a qualified candidate that already works for the district was passed over.  So again conflict of interest.  Check technology and see if her son is not there.

Now Mr. Dansby is here to provide an update on how sports are more important than academics.

"I want to announce to the principals and of course our stakeholders that Athletic Directors will not be teaching more than 3 classes a day and so I will need more FTEs (more teachers) so that they can grow the program."

Who will get rewarded next?

Stay tuned because it's the time of year that those who have done his bidding will be getting their reward regardless if they are qualified to do so.  Hence last year Jason Oliver, Principal of AHHS, promoted to director and Xavier Sanchez, whose mom is an assistant superintendent, got promoted to director.  None showed any type of academic anything but who cares right, it's just our students lives at stake.  FWISD takes care of their own!!

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