Wednesday, April 30, 2014


Those of us who have followed the trials are amazed, shouldn't be, at the level of corruption and bullying in FWISD.  Bullies continue to argue baseless points while taxpayers pay the bill.  Read the article by the weekly which gives factual information regarding years and years of waste by those who say they are doing things on purpose, bullying on purpose, wasting taxpayer money on purpose and for what?  To cover their lies, hiding it from the public and acting like nothing happened.

A shame that these people go to bed like nothing happened.  I am sure they go to church and beg forgiveness for their lies and yet they continue to create a hostile environment and have no regard for human decency.

Outrage from the public is what it will take to stop them!!

One of the most outrageous part is how the board kept Dr. Sutherland from being present at the executive meeting after she testified.  Yet Robbins and Needham were present.

Dr. Sutherland you should get legal counsel and sue the district.  You are an elected member not their puppet. 

A clean up is needed big time.  Menchaca has done so much damage to the district as has the others.  Raking raises and forget about students and teachers who are needing help.

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