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So it seems that Gene Oehl gets to stay when he lied about his degree that never was....


Maybe if he has lied about a degree from A&M, he would now be a District Director making a six figure income. Dansby and Kaufman were involved in this:
“Fort Worth Star-Telegram (TX)
June 29, 2002
School executive under investigation over his resume
Author: JENNIFER AUTREY; Star-Telegram Staff Writer
Edition: FINAL
Section: Metro;Fort Worth & Region
Page: 8
Article Text:
A supervisor promoted to help overhaul the Fort Worth school district’s troubled maintenance department is himself under an internal investigation amid questions about his resume.
Gene Oehl, who was named the new executive director of custodial services Tuesday, listed a bachelor of science degree from Texas A&M University among his qualifications. The resume was given to trustees before they unanimously approved his hiring.
But Registrar Donald Carter told the Star-Telegram that, according to the university’s records, Oehl did not complete requirements for a degree. He attended classes from 1966 to 1970, Carter said.
Oehl, 56, who has worked for the district for more than two decades, did not return repeated phone calls.
He is one of two men promoted as part of a reorganization of the department that oversees custodial, maintenance and construction projects. Deputy Superintendent Walter Dansby revamped the department in response to frequent complaints about performance, including criticism from state Comptroller Carole Keeton Rylander. The FBI is also investigating the district’s construction spending.
“In my estimation, he was the best person for the job,” said Dansby, who declined to comment on the investigation.
The district began the investigation after the newspaper asked about the resume discrepancy Friday. Dansby said he hopes that it will be finished by next week.
Superintendent Thomas Tocco also declined to comment on the investigation, saying it is a personnel matter. He said that “misrepresentation of a college degree on an application to get a job or to be considered for a promotion is an exceedingly serious matter.”
District employees can be fired for misrepresenting facts to a supervisor or district official or for falsifying documents related to district activities, according to board policy.
Trustee Juan Rangel questioned whether Oehl could be an effective supervisor if he is found to have lied about his credentials.
“I think the work environment would not be healthy,” Rangel said.
But Trustee Elaine Klos said she believes that Oehl’s experience with the district is more relevant than whether his resume was misleading. She said that someone else might have typed his resume and that he might not have read it.
“People exaggerate their resumes all the time,” Klos said.
Oehl’s new position does not require a college degree. Only a high school diploma is mandatory, although a college degree is preferred. The position pays $84,031.
Carla Kaufman, Fort Worth’s assistant superintendent of human resources, said her department is required to check the transcripts of new hires who claim to have degrees. But she declined to discuss the policy for internal candidates.
Jennifer Autrey, (817) 390-7126
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