Monday, May 1, 2017


We thought we had to contend with 100 days of Trump, thinking that it was the worse.  We come to Teacher Appreciation Week with Scribner slashing teachers in the Core Areas to allow 6.4 million dollars to go to central office because trickle down support will for sure help the schools.

Sutherland has shown us the tricky math the administration is using to justify their continued growth in central office with no data or results to show how it helps.  Tell us how?

We don't know whether even calling Scribner cynical fits his Trumpism.  Has no vision, no concept of governance and it has shown more and more.  He has allowed the erosion of employee rights, even more than before.

We don't hear anything from anyone else because they are given what they want if they just agree and shut up.  Sutherland still is hanging in there even when we disagree with her at times.

Where are the scores for the first round of testing?  Why are we not hearing about it?

So teachers, how are you being appreciated this week?

Thus far we've gotten the middle finger as a start...

Jump in!

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