Thursday, May 18, 2017


We all know that each time the district, every year, brings on something new and never really keeps one thing.  Think DII, the lady who got paid to do training that was nothing helpful, etc.

So now the district is going to rewrite the way curriculum is written this May, or is in progress and then roll it out we suppose.  We all know that everything is rushed a few days before school starts and then training during the year when we should be teaching.  So this process requires a lengthy detailed plan, so get ready for hours of planning since we do not know how to align what we teacher to what we test.  What a novel concept, we didn't know that's what it is.

The backward design for planning will be used, see this link

Then this Neuhaus Education is a non-profit who is focused on Reading but Sutherland says it cost 600,000 with no board approval.  Neuhaus is based out of Bellaire in Houston and well the ASSt. Super for Curriculum is from Houston so we get the connection.  We all know that some get kickbacks like Scribner from Achieve 3000.  So once again teachers have to redo because the district just can't figure out what to do and still believe our teachers have no clue on how to do their jobs.  They want a company or some program to fix teachers and students.

So get some rest this summer teachers because you will have to do something new and get beaten for not doing it right when you will not be trained well anyway.  So start your research and get ahead.

Such incompetence in this district.

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