Thursday, May 18, 2017


Let's recall a story about Johnny Cole, former coach at Eastern Hills, accused of having an improper sexual relationship with a former student.  The board voted 5-3 to keep him and moved him to Wilkerson-Grimes.  TA Sims voted to keep him because he said he voted his conscience.  He probably fell asleep and pushed the wrong button, you think?

So now we hear that Cole has earned the Bully Award for mistreating employees under him at the Grimes.  So apparently the move to Grimes was to be away from students yet he is at the place where young ladies go to swim.  So tell us how far away is he from the place where he is housed and ladies are around.  The board is complicit!  But this is the Fort Worth ISD Board running the district and deciding to keep their friends instead of doing the best for students.

But currently Cole gets away with everything and employees have no support from anyone.  They are being harassed and bullied but INOK doesn't apply.

Wait the board wants to do away with bullying policy, which means silence the complaints.

Oh and Tobi is over Eastern Hills, wonder what happened there?

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