Saturday, April 22, 2017


It is amazing how the thinking of this administration has been to overwork teachers and staff thinking that the monetary issue will be resolved by them working harder and still expect results.  It seems that Scribner did not listen to the needs nor does he truly care at this point about staff.  There are two separate worlds revolving within the district, the ones battling to make sure students are getting a descent education at least and the other sitting atop a tower looking down wondering how things are going, worried more about how to get more central admin to "solve problems" yet they have no idea what those problems are.  All they know is that there is a money issue and teachers are the problem.

Sutherland and a few comments came up with the proposed cuts over the next 5 years or so and basically no end to the suffering.  The comment made on the blog hits it right, you expect schools who need so much help to take on more students and expect small group teaching, interventions, etc.  Tells us oh wise admin from the board to Scribner, what research did you find that tells you this is the best approach.  You will have 5 schools loaded up with what everyone else needs because you all failed to have a plan.  So you are just putting out fires and when the next schools that struggle come up on the list, you will run to them and try to do the same.  

The issue is not the employees rather the lack of competency in budgeting and priorities.  The board believed that Scribner had the experience because he was leader of a district that dealt with only high schools as is the the way Arizona is setup by levels.  It is quite different when you have all different levels together and the needs.  He has still to learn how to govern, manage and above all be about students and teachers than himself.  You are a phony Scribner!  And the rest of the board for supporting it, will be reminded when the results are in....  Credit to Dr. Sutherland for giving us the information.

Without any outside intervention of sorts, we are doomed.

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