Thursday, May 18, 2017


It appears that a large exodus of principals from most high schools that are not part of the wealthy are disappearing.  We wonder if the Board of Managers (since they board runs the district) are leaving openings for retired or promoting their friends to fill spots they are unqualified for.  

Schools include:

Easter Hills HS
Poly HS
Carter-Riverside HS
South Hills HS
Western Hills HS

Teachers aren't the only ones leaving the chaos of which this board has created.  They have a puppet in Scribner who basically does what they say.

Where do the children of FWISD employees go?  Let's see  Dagget Montessori, Paschal, YWLA, YMLA, Tanglewood, Alice Carlson, World Languages Institute, Arlington Heights (well there is a gang infestation there so not topsy anymore.  

The only reason FWISD is not on the news is because the news refuses to cover it and we know this city will just push it under the rug.

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