Wednesday, May 24, 2017


So now comes Janna Russell Bennett the principal of K-8 Como Montessori School--- or Como Monster Sorry School because under Bennett she has created a House of Horrors!  Bennett is a an inept, bully who famously tells people Downtown that she grows her teachers--- which in FWISD code-speak means that she belittles, berates (in front of students), and brings her teachers to tears, while Downtown turns eyes wide shut.  What's it going to take?  Just this year, a middle school boy routinely "painted" the boys' restroom walls with his own feces!  Enough to get removed?  Enough to get psychological counseling?  Nope, he's still there and students and teachers alike dread his next masterpiece.  It's probably his way of interpreting the quality of the administrative leadership.
The middle school students  (including Fece-angelo) just returned from their academic trip to San Antonio; except that one young lady was forced to have her parents drive to San Antonio to have to retrieve their drunken daughter after she and her roommates broke into the hotel room liquor cabinet and getting fece-faced(?)  It's reported that up to five San Antonio Police cars and paramedics had to be called in.  All while Bennett was there "supervising" the trip (maybe she broke into her own room's liquor cabinet)!
Now CIA hears that Como Monster Sorry School has its own "fight club" going on in the restrooms that students love to video and set to music!  Creative juices or frustrated anxiety?  Students and teachers all know that Bennett, who grew up in the Como neighborhood does not discipline, suspend, or third party Black students because they may be related to Bennett or are from families that Bennett grew up knowing--- but forget it if you are a Hispanic living in and attending Como.  Bennett, like folks in Como, resent the now majority Hispanics moving into the Como neighborhood and she does all that she can to discourage Hispanic families from enrolling their children in "her school".  With what Bennett has done to destroy what used to be a well-known and respected Montessori school--- she can have it; but we wish that Downtown would do something, at least for humanity's sake.

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