Friday, May 5, 2017


There is so much crap happening that we can't keep up with it but the ultimate result is that it hurts our teachers and students.

Scribner was not brought here to change things rather become a poster manager to highlight propaganda items.  The objectives have the intention of improving but the actions taken by the administration do not mirror what is happening in the classrooms nor even their own initiatives.

A comment was made regarding the promise that Scribner made at Convocation 2016 when he said he reduced his cabinet to a team of 10 because support needed to be where the need is.  So we would have expected extra individuals to be supporting the classrooms and that was completely the opposite.

Hear his speech here and go to 1:15:38 until about 1:17.  Words don't mix with the action being taken.

Also we hear that Maria Sanchez, retired, has been contracted as a consultant to hire principals.  Recall that Robert Ray was brought back to take an academy, also retired.  So we are headed even backwards to the old FWISD, way of doing things.

If you saw the results given of the climate survey, it was a good laugh over coffee.  So the survey indicates that at least 80% or more of campuses will meet standard or higher because they have all the resources and support they need.  If that was the case we would  not have 40 under watch but they know best.

Spinning the propaganda machine!

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