Tuesday, March 7, 2017


With election season underway, the mighty UEA has endorsed the current member Ashley Paz.  We also know that UEA has been in bed with the district for years and does the bare minimum to make it look like they are for their paid members when in actuality they are not.

So did all members agree to support PAZ?  How is it that they decide who to support?
Well it seems that some of those paid members will be losing their jobs pretty soon once they approved a vendor to oversee food services.  So how is it that Paz who won hispanic support will not see to it that employees lose their job?  As it is UEA does not employ, as far as we know, hispanic employees at the highest levels.  So tell us how that is not unethical?

So look out people, you pay UEA to do the very things that are happening to you because they go along with the same board members they come out against at times.  So they play around and not truly set the expectation for their members.  This is a scheme.

So Paz, can you explain if our employees will be hired by the company or will they be walking the unemployment line?

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