Monday, March 20, 2017


We received a report from an elementary school where children are being hurt based on the evilness of principals and central administration.  This is happening at other schools and the source will gather the school names to post in an update.

It appears that the dual language program has begun to immensely be abused and not utilized as it should be.  Students who are Dominant Spanish, based on regulation, should be taught mostly in Spanish in grades PK-1 and then both languages as they move up the grade levels.  State law states that it is mandatory unless the student meets exit criteria.  It seems a good majority of principals do not believe in this and have begun to tell teachers to push English and forget Spanish.  In some schools Spanish is forbidden and punishable.  It appears students are not to speak Spanish anywhere not even during recess.  So the Trump era has infected the FWISD in a big way where we are now punishing students.  All Spanish books were ordered out of the classrooms and to report anyone heard speaking Spanish.   The leaders of this round up are the Director of Bilingual Education and the Director of the SPC.  Parents are not aware at all what is happening.
Then Scribner has ordered all LPAC chairs to test all incoming PK students which is the purpose of the SPC center to come and support the schools.  So now principals have a say in who comes in or not which they are pushing English rather than Spanish.  So now you have Federal law violated by students who qualify for PK may be denied due to Spanish.
Teachers who were not going along with the scheme have been told to resign and those that resist have their lives made hell by principals.  This has been addressed with central administration and has been ignored as we expect the Fort Worth way to be.

Now we can see why Dual Language Scores have been disappointing since children are not being addressed appropriately.  Recall one elementary was outpacing most schools due to dual language students who by research show they outperform their English counterparts.  Such a shame of the bigotry!  Dr. Sutherland can you look into this please. Check with SPC to see who tests PK students and ask for proof and check book inventory of books that have been returned in Spanish.  We have a bloated central admin and now more work has been pushed to the campuses.  Then you have rogue administrators who are hurting students.  
Maybe during election year we can get some help from people who are looking to appear interested.  You would think UEA would be helping out but it's not profitable to bite the hand that feeds you.

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