Thursday, March 30, 2017


Why would we think any different about the numbers that can never be right in FWISD.  So we do know that at least 200 teachers are on the chopping block because the district does not have the money.  yet they have money for a heavy central office and for program after program.

They allowed 1.3 million for this training on racial equity yet 200 people will not be trained so where is that money going?  

Then I.M Terrell has been postponed because there is not enough money, so where did the bond money go?  The bond money was set for the new performing arts school and now nothing is going to happen.  This has happened time and time again where the voters have been lied to.

So you are beginning leadership academies where you say you have money from a foundation but that is just a small portion.  You are taking money from other needy schools and now they won't have teachers.

Lies and more lies!

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