Thursday, March 30, 2017


It appears that bullying is rampart in the FWISD again and again.  This time we wanted to recognize Mr. Keith Christmas with the BULLY AWARD.  He is the principal of Glencrest 6th Grade and is known in the hallways as the bull horn man who screams at teachers and bullies them.  Verbal threats, write ups for small reasons, just an overall bad working situation.  

And well we can't expect sleepy T.A. Sims to do much about it because we can't get him to wake up.  He is oblivious to the sad state of affairs of the school and we don't expect anyone else to step up.

Teachers make sure to document everything, don't leave nothing to chance because when the time comes, it will be needed.

What we do know about Mr. Christmas is that he has been a failure at every campus he has been in.  We were able to find a lawsuit brought by a student against FWISD for failure of due process and Mr. Christmas was the vice principal at Dunbar who suspended the student based on a terroristic threat for performing a rap song that was not vetted by the staff and a student felt threatened.  

Glencrest is an IR school when it used to be way better!!!

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