Tuesday, March 21, 2017


Well folks weeks ago the district lauded this new investment in schools to transform and change how we help struggling campuses.  Money and resources will be pulled in to make sure that the job gets done.  The district called this big event to inform any interested people to come and apply to get the best of the best in those schools.

In attendance were a multitude from various districts around the area.  The 5 schools selected would each get a brand new crew, everything new.  Some staff could stay only if the principal would hire them back, etc. etc.  The incentive pay.  So it appeared from the presentation that brand new people would be coming to the campuses to make the change needed for the schools to get out of where they are.

Did you all think for a minute things would be different.  Well guess who we have serving our children?

Robert Ray- remember him- yes Robert Ray will be going to Logan Elementary as the Turnaround principal.  Our head did a big turnaround in disbelief that after unproven success he would be selected from a multitude of talented individuals.

It gets better, so did we hear new principals, well we are dumb for thinking there was change.  The principal at John T White and Como will get to stay at their campuses.  The Principal from CC Moss will go to Forest Oak and the Principal from Rosemont Park EL will get to take Mitchell Blvd.

So tell us how the data supports the people being put in place.  Since the model to transform came from Dallas, the question many have from there is how are they measuring success to impact student achievement?  As always they never show the data, it's who you know.  So no one from the outside will come in and influence the Fort Worth way.  We looked at the school report card for the schools the new leaders or so called new leaders have garnered and it is not impressive.  Even fellow colleagues call the moves weak at best.  The data is from three years of scores and well for Robert Ray, there is nothing to show.

The issue now is that talent will be pulled from campuses who need support as well and so the fishing game begins.  Hire who you like.  Now the remaining principals will get to fire or let go those teachers they didn't like, so lucky them.

Oh, the Places We Will Not Go!

So board members, how do you like this now?  Welcome Mr. Ray, I guess you missed us so much that you want to get back in the ranks. Wait! Did you spend all your money already and needed to fill the piggy bank again?

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