Thursday, March 30, 2017


We all have known that our fearless president Ramos had an affair before his ascension to the high chair.  Once he won the seat he hired his mistress at the discipline office.  What we have found out and will be confirming is that when he ran against Carlos Vasquez a flyer was used with the church background to bash Carlos for being gay.  If anyone remembers or knows about that on the Northside let us know.  What we don't understand is how Father Jasso, the FWISD church patron, blesses adultery and continues to do so when Ramos and his mistress parade themselves on the Northside like nothing.  We guess that Ramos comes and repents every Sunday or has Father Jasso on speed dial to ask for forgiveness to continue to do his bidding.

Not enough that Ramos is bought by the Bass brothers.  He jumps when they say jump and that is how he gets the others to come to the cult, money.  If you join him you get the big bucks to fund what you need.  

We do know that with the state investigating voter fraud on the Northside, Espino and Romero, are also implicated in the type of illegal voting that Trump assures happened.  We have the prime example here in Fort Worth.  Senior citizens are being interviewed because the ballots were stuffed more than once and it is a matter of time before the news comes out.  Voter fraud on the Northside is well documented.  

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