Thursday, March 30, 2017



If you are confused about the title then you should be.  We received a comment related to current South Hills High School principal Dorothy Gomez on leave for an unknown reason but obviously not a good one.  The main issue that keeps surfacing is workplace bullying and hopefully someone can shed some more light on this.

Before coming to FWISD she was a top administrator in Dallas ISD and in 2012 left before being fired by the chief of staff at the time.

The word coming to us is that the district is ready to fire her and haven't.  Now the talks is about swapping her with another principal, basically passing the lemon around.  This is the FWISD way, the worse they do, the promotions or just basic move comes along.  Now she will be able to terrorize another school and its culture.  If she is not good enough for SHHS then she is not good enough for any other school.

Dr. Sutherland this is in your district and hopefully you will get more information so that you can push for something better for SHHS.  The more time passes the more things stay the same.

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