Monday, March 13, 2017


Who would of thought that the leader of the FWISD would have a problem with a woman saying anything about Day  of the Woman unless he is the one that says it, stamped by his machismo which comes from Ramos. He has been infected with insecurity that he has to attack one individual to make his case that he is in charge and his cronies will back him up.

Read up on Sutherland's post, part of it here to see how backwards this district is and will continue to be.  So far Paz has not spoken up to defend this employee.  So now it is wrong for people to post information on their personal Facebook that supports a cause.  SAD! Scribner

A regulation is how a policy is implemented just like any law.  It does not change the law and to apply a standard that Scribner cannot follow then it's mute.  Seems that Scribner is sounding more like the Trump admin at this point.  The rules don't apply to them only the rest.   Will we see UEA act or hopefully the person has another organization willing to do what is right.

Do you hear no one else standing up?

To all teachers everywhere, there is a court case dealing with stuff like this that has you protected and of course the FIRST AMENDMENT!  I know EEOC can certainly look this up based on sex discrimination because a man did it and nothing happened.


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