Tuesday, June 3, 2014


Before we get started on what just occurred last night, let me say that a few posting were taken off to protect people in litigation and will bring them back when all is over.

So the great WD resigned last night after some on the board got smart about the move, whether they truly felt it was a good thing or trying to make it look like they actually are doing something right and make it political later on.

Most of us do remember Dansby and his maneuvers around the district.  Overall we all suffered something at some point.  Dansby was always a manager if many of you didn't notice his coaching style leadership hence new tracks and all this athletic stuff.  Don't get me wrong athletics are important but should not be the main focus if our students cannot graduate or for that matter how many make it big in the pros?  We need to focus on educating children and let sports and other things fall into place as they should.

We too were surprised at the vote especially Mr. Ramos.  We know he went in with an open mind and got to know the person in the position but we did inform him well about the true person within and the damage caused for many years.  We will hold back a bit and watch to see what the true vote really meant for the district.  We hope to see great things that will erase from our minds the vote.

We know that the a new person with a vision comes in and starts fresh meaning getting rid of all the top admins: Sorum, Breed, Ray, Kyle, Menchaca and every other cronie that got in, etc.  The group has been ruining the district for a long time but getting raises and promotions on the backs of our students.  They talk a lot but we don't see any changes.  They are still here because of favors and connections and we need a person not connected to them to let them go.  The board needs to inform the new person that they can come in with their group, work with our teachers and parents to develop an intentional strategic plan that really does something.  Commercial visions are not effective.

Dansby got good money so he shouldn't be worried, he can take a long vacation and leave us to clean up.


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