Wednesday, June 18, 2014

OH MY! A Rebuttal to Ann Sutherland's Jab at Dansby

So here we have a Mr. Dunkins rebutting the critique by Sutherland towards Dansby.

Let's first say that Dansby did start it (sounds like kids, he started it!!)
He said the board was wanting him to do illegal and/or unethical stuff and so the fireworks started.  You can't dish it out if you can't take it, that's what I've heard...

So as you read the statement just know that while Mr. Dunkins was working for the FWISD many things were covered up and the good ol boy system was running just fine.  Perhaps he can tell us how he managed his crew since some just slept and earned their paycheck.

Mr. Dunkins, you are entitled to your view on Dansby and perhaps things went very well for you.  But know that they are many other people who were harmed by him and you don't know much about it because you don't want to hear it.  We all went through it with Dansby and believe me he is far from ethical.  The ones that were hurt the most were our students who did not benefit from all the money he is taking away from us and also the money that has to be paid for his mishap lawsuit for defamation.  If you want please read the transcript of it in one of our posts so that you can see exactly the ethical part he played in the attempt to ruin a man's life.  So please make sure you round up the facts and talk to those that were affected to get a better sense of your giant.  Giants do fall and I think that's biblical.  Also ask him what the deal was with the board and to make sure he keeps his part of it before he opens his mouth.  Ask him why he won't stand up and defend himself for what he did and pay for it but unfortunately it's on the back of our students who need  it.

Dansby broke the deal off first, so let's hear it from the rest of the board members what they think about it.  Any takers?


  1. How much of his payout did Walter share with Dunkins. This so called rebuttal is so filled with 1/2 truths, lies, and rewritten history as to make what Bush 43 is doing to fix his reputation seem tame. If he and Walter feel that the gloves are really off and it's time for each side to let the dirty laundry air, that's a set of revelations that I and the rest of the public would live to see. maybe it would finely wake the public up and they'd want to clean house.

  2. Oh, don't be fooled that this Dinkins man, in some shape or form, was encouraged by Dansby himself to write this rebuttal. Moreover, Needham probably also has her fingers in this pie, to attack Sutherland and have her removed from the board once and for all! Funny how Sutherland was supposed to have agreed to "non-disparagement", yet the board intentionally keeps her out of other important votes! Dr. Sutherland, unfortunately, is easily swayed sometimes (refer to her blog about Robbins and receiving a "nod for Secretary/Treasurer"). Dr. Sutherland, they intentionally did that so you could feel like you were finally being accepted into their inner circle! They want you to not disparage Dansby, because they don't want THEIR laundry aired and secrets exposed! They want Dansby to go away as quietly as possibly, so the deals they ALL made will not come to light. Maybe it is a good thing that Dr. Sutherland has been kept in the dark sometimes by the BOE, otherwise, she would have a nervous breakdown going back and forth for sure!

  3. CIA,

    I continue to be surprised that I don't see a lot of comments posted on your stories. If I didn't know you were an ally, I too would fear posting anything, especially with the "FWISD" name on it, thinking it was a one of the district's cronies trying to discover who bloggers are. Do you have a blurb somewhere assuring folks that their comments and identity are anonymous? A lot of the info you are sharing needs to be commented on by folks who have facts and/or inside info. Have you sent the link to your blog to TEA, DOE, AG, DA, USDOJ and TASB, News media (not Telegram, b.c they are vested in the district somehow and not Ch8, b/c Barbara Griffin has pals from when she worked there and her hubby probably still works there too). Someone out there will eventually read your blog and the light bulb might actually go off! Good luck and thanks for taking this arduous task on.