Friday, June 20, 2014

Let's review Sutherland Claim

Take a look at the article back in April when we found out that the lawyers were bullying Sutherland because of her stance on the Palazzolo case.  She could be saying now she wasn't to keep her post or who knows what her intent is.  The facts are there and she has not come out and recanted anything she has said in the past.  Bullying is alive and well in FWISD and we will continue to bring it up and share cases of people who are having to live with it.

The article itself exposed a lot of dirty laundry and that's why they want to appeal so that no more comes out.  They don't want this to be case law because then other people may sue for some of the same things.  FWISD is wanting to keep it all the same.  Too late we already know and won't let go of it.


  1. Regardless of politics, status or position we are ALL wanting SOMEONE on the BOE to STAND UP. Ann, you can't have it both ways! Either expose these fools or hide in the shadows! Attorneys for FWISD obviously threatened you BEFORE A JUDGE! In open COURT! Take a deep breath and get back in the ring! Needham and her minions Robbins, Jackson, Moss and Sims have cost taxpayers enough! Where in the HELL are the new Board Members? If you are silent or simply "go along", you are WRONG!Ann, you should have been the person who stood before the Board and told them what Brandt said to you. Now is not the time to hide.

  2. “School board member Ann Sutherland said she too felt
    threatened by the district’s lawyers — even as she testified. Her time on the
    stand made clear why district officials might not have wanted the public to
    hear her evidence, including testimony about a one-sided presentation ofevidence regarding Palazzolo when the board was deciding whether to fire him.”

    Dr. Sutherland, do you remember this day? Do you remember
    how this made you feel before, during and after? Now, multiply those emotions
    100 times over and you will not even come close, to the pain and sufferingPalazzolo and his family have endured the last 4 yrs! Everyone knows you have your finger on the switch to flip over the key players of the BOE, yet you continue to feel “threatened”?! They don’t like you, Dr. Sutherland, because
    you have questioned them plenty. Your constituents voted you in because of your
    commitment to doing the right thing for our kids. Did we all get it wrong? You
    have this blog as a form of transparency, yet you hide behind the fear of
    retaliation and intimidation, just like most in the district feel on a daily
    basis, and how Palazzolo has felt since the Heights scandal. Your son is a lawyer;
    use him to give you advice of the ramifications of coming forward and blasting
    this district wide open, especially the BOE under Needham’s regime. You don’t
    belong on the BOE, because you have scruples and they don’t. Did we get this
    wrong too? STAND UP AND DELIVER!

  3. Posted my comment below on the Sutherland blog!

  4. Three hours later, it still has not posted on her blog. Wonder why? And I agree, where are the new people? Why are they not asking the obvious questions? If they know about the threats to Sutherland by FWISD attorneys, then they must also realize Robbins by contrast, towed the party line "there is no retaliation in FWISD". What a crock! And this guy is now Board President.

  5. Linares has finally broken her silence to the district as a whole. All I can say is major PANTS ON FIRE. Typical Linares and it shows that it will be the status quo for the next 6 months or so while she draws her paycheck.

  6. Question for Fed-up: what do you mean that Linares has broken her silence? For those of us unfamiliar to her, please explain.

  7. Confused, she sent out a letter via email. Also, the board voted on the budget last night, Ann voted against it and Ramos was a no show again. It did have a 3% raise for employees. I guess when Walter left he took the other 1% he'd proposed with him. Thanks for everything Walter. While the raise is nice and is appreciated, it doesn't keep up with increases in insurance, gas , etc.

  8. What would happen if all of the schools in FWISD were either recognized or exemplary? How much $$ would we loose? I've been reading a little about school finance 101 and it's not clear to me how funds are appropriated for performance per se. So, let's pretend for a moment that all our schools performed well; would we then lose some funding? I realize that there are additional factors for funding like attendance and so forth however, I would like to understand the performance aspect. If anyone has an explanation, please do.