Saturday, June 14, 2014

How much longer will Needham be allowed to ruin FWISD?

Sometimes we think of politicians who have been in office for decades dinosaurs and we have one of our own.

Year after year Needham only represents the elite of Fort Worth and feels secure about her position and perhaps anything in life that she makes decisions that hurt children.  Do the elite realize how much damage she has caused FWISD?  Just when we thought Needham would be on her last leg, she now gets the support of her puppets Jackson and apparently now Sutherland.  Say it isn't so!!

Let's just say that Children are not on the agenda, just deep pockets getting ready for the next give away.

It's time for something new..

 Repeal and Replace

Which way will she go?
Replace, replace, replace


  1. And lest we forget....naming schools and athletic fields after OURSELVES!! What arrogance. See comments below.

  2. Mafias, aka Needham, has to go! She is the one behind all of the drama in this district! She is the one on a personal vendetta against Joe P. She has also cost this district millions. The others are her minions. She has controlled the board and the Superintendents for 18 yrs too long! USDOE WHERE THE HE'LL ARE YOU???

  3. I never read that anyone supports Needham but I also never hear of anyone putting up a candidate to run against her. Surely there has to be someone in her district that has the guts to go up against this witch. Until that happens all the talk about getting rid of her will never be more than that.

  4. In response to fed-up: The first to run against her that I know of was none other than - NORM ROBBINS. Then guess what? Needham had the lines re-drawn and Norm got his own district and became another one of her puppets. Now he's Board President. I think that speaks for itself and explains his embarrassing testimony at the Palazzolo trial. Only other person I know of to run against her was Linda LaBeau but even UEA would not support LaBeau against Needham. Who they do not buy off with jobs or promotions, they destroy.