Tuesday, June 17, 2014

The Fireworks continue between the board and Dansby

So Dansby threw the first punch after leaving and now it's Sutherland's turn.
She details some of the stuff we already knew about family members working and now apparent conflict of interests with vendors.  So the question is, board members, what were you going to do about it when it came to your attention?  So you would rather stay quiet and not follow the same policies you swore to uphold.  We may need our politicians to rethink having a recall when it comes to this type of treachery by the same people we voted for.  Let's propose it for the next legislative session.

The other issue is where do all directors, executives, etc. live and where do their children attend school?  Perhaps someone can investigate this for us because most of the big salary folks do not live in Fort Worth, do not pay city taxes and do not understand the lives of our students.  Some of our board member's children go to private school, so how can you make decisions and understand our district when you do not even contribute to FWISD.  How can you make decisions for our students?

When will the madness stop?  The key is the voters and until the majority realize how sickening this is, things will continue as is.


  1. Ann forgot to mention the promotion Walter gave his girlfriend or his refusal to give another board member's husband a job. She does bring up a good point we can and do criticize the board for all the things she mentioned and more but THEY DON'T LISTEN. This board continues to behave in all the counter productive ways that so many of us bring up. Where are the good citizens of Ft. Worth that will run against the board members coming up for reelection. Please, these members are vulnerable, it shouldn't take more than a willingness to confront the voters with their records to get them voted out.

  2. Moss has been a one person employment agency for her family since her election. There must be a dozen of her family members now working for FWISD - all SINCE she became a Board Member. Ann also left out Dansby's niece. When a certain principal then at Trimble Tech refused to hire her, she would up at Metro and Dansby had charges filed on him. He now works somewhere in Athletics. As evidenced by his record and his recent testimony, Norm Robbins is as bad as Needham, Moss and Sims. If Sutherland really is being prevented from all things "Palazzolo", why in the world are Robbins and Needham participating? Even Sims as you could CLEARLY hear him muttering in the audio. The real test is fast approaching. If Robbins and Needham lead the Board to more needless litigation with Palazzolo - regardless WHO is paying for it - you will have your answer. TASB will not pay the interest which is accruing each day.