Friday, June 13, 2014


NBC 5 reported on the Palazzolo verdict where he was award 2.7 million dollars.  The pending defamation lawsuit is asking for another million.  This is just what is going out to the plaintiff you need to add another million for lawyer fees already accrued and then the next lawsuit will cost some more.

So Dansby resigned for whatever reason he gave and the board gave and now each is telling their own story.  But Dansby got everything he wanted, money and the district paying all legal fees for his mess.  So for those of you who are crying because he left, he could care less because he is taking your money to the bank and laughing in your face.  If he so cared about the district he would stayed and finished out his contract and truly stuck to what he planned.

Let's review the facts, Dansby ordered the microphones placed at the executive session which was never, let me repeat, never done before.  Everyone who testified was surprised at the request.  Then he orders the techies who know how to run the system to leave and allow the secretaries to run it and they were not trained.  So his excuse is to say that he needed to amplify the room.. baloney.
Then they say that since it was a mistake based on their fact that the video is automatically uploaded to the system they use which is in California or some place.  So we went and tested their theory and it doesn't work that way.  Right after the board meeting is over, let's say before 10 PM you don't see the video until the next day.  So something happens prior to that video being uploaded so it's not automatic it has to be sent, converted so that it plays right.  Someone has to tell the system to record, it doesn't automatically do it itself.  Any computer or system is only as smart as the person handling it and well we know smarts is not one of Dansby's best trait.

It all looks like hush money!!/news/local/Former-FWISD-Superintendent-Faces-Lawsuit/262949421


  1. I'm a little confused CIA. So you're saying that the money is for Dansby to be quiet? That doesn't make sense since Dansby seems to be leading the conversation that brought about the defamation of Palazzolo. Do you think Dansby was part of some conspiracy, to leak it on purpose?
    Not that I don't think it's possible but, I just don't get the "why?" I believe that whatever it is that's going on has everything to do with money! The main self-serving agenda for the majority of Central Office will now be: Deny! Deny!
    Someone should tell them, "You can't save face and ass on the same day!" Hello? You must choose just one. 😆
    By the way CIA, why do few people comment on this blog? I know many who read and follow.

  2. My theory is that the BOE, Dansby, Brandt and Smith (yes, Smith, who was supposedly representing Joe) all decided to purposely say what they did and have it leaked, so Joe could hear how they felt about him and would never want to return to the district! The only problem with this is that they only meant to have the audio on the website for a short period, long enough for Joe to hear it. What they didn't plan on was someone uploading it to Youtube! Whoever says that it was "an accident" is one can short of a six pack! It was intentional to scare Joe off once and for all and make him settle. Smith had tried numerous times to get Joe to settle. He bullied him and then got his partner, Art Brender to do the same. I am just glad that Joe finally saw the writing on the wall with that unethical boob of a lawyer. I can't wait to see what's in store for Jason Smith after Palazzolo is done with FWISD and Dansby! You people have financially setup Palazzolo and his family for life at the rate it is going. You all keep hiding the truth under that rug. Eventually someone is going to move the rug right out from under you! You can bank on that! Mr. Palazzoloa, I think the late Betty Brink is still very much involved in your case, because I see justice prevailing!

  3. The real question now is, has anything changed? The answer is simple: if the Board continues to listen to the same advise and chooses to ask for either a new trial or files an appeal, then there is your proof that NOTHING has changed. MR. Robbins, you KNOW this would never be tolerated at Lockheed. Why continue to support it here? Maybe the BOE should review the trial testimony. If the BOE allows this farce to continue, they ALL need to be voted out of office or removed by the Feds. I wonder if the rumors are true that Ann Sutherland - the only BOE member who told the truth - is being prohibited from participating in discussion about this case or voting. This I believe is illegal.

  4. Hey Please Explain: We do believe it was to keep him quiet to some degree but we know that he likes spectacles and it could be a ploy. We do know that he got the district to agree to pay his fees for the trial so in all technicality he actually will get 900,000 plus fees over a million, money in the bank..
    This site is new and I am sure they want to keep anonymity. Hopefully they will see no one is out to get them and they will comment. Thanks for doing so, keeps the conversation alive.