Tuesday, June 10, 2014


So the good-bye tour of Dansby has begun and he is now spilling it since he needs our pity for resigning, yes he resigned because he didn't get what he wanted.  So the almighty coach QUIT!
He is getting paid good money, so it's about ME, ME, ME.    People inside the district know him and his style of leadership, my way or the highway.  Administrators will tell you how he came in with his coaching style and basically protected the status quo.  Let's analyze the FWISD Star-Telegram story and see what we can rebut.

The trustees got it right.  There were plenty of unsatisfactory levels of student achievement and if he had any smarts he would have gone into the schools, asked the principals and the people working hard and he would of known that the system didn't work and never worked.  He had the same people running the show and they had faith in the programs and they didn't work.  If he would of read the Curriculum audit and followed their recommendations he may have seen improvement.  The reason why is because principals were interviewed for the audit and they said that the curriculum was a mess, no training available and more programs started without really looking at what the impact would be.
His abrasive management style.. LOL... the first thing you do Dansby is admit it so you can get help.  You can even see it in his face, fake smile.  He truly does the fake it till you make it and whoa he made it.  Everything about him is fake, he knows the game and those who have been wronged know it very well.

Your nose just grew even more Dansby  !  Did you ever look at the people in the district that have many relatives working?  If you really did oversight you missed a few pages.  The status quo continues even people hired under you.  Don't act like you didn't know.  I didn't see you fire your wife before retiring or any other board members people like Dr. Sims kin folk.  If you were so about cleaning up stuff, go to the public and let them know, go against the grain and rat them out.  Either way you would of gotten your 900, 000 dollars.  But you knew what you needed to do and you played it well.  Now he accuses the board of unethical behavior.. hey Dansby remember Palazzolo, it's called being a whistleblower.  You blew it!  Because it didn't benefit you to protect the district.

WELL PUT, arrogant and self-serving.  Nothing to glorify, what do you think?


  1. No Strings AttachedJune 11, 2014 at 9:01 AM

    Well, maybe he didn't give raises to trustees relatives but, he sure the heck gave 111 double digit percentage raises to non-teaching positions! What about the teachers who serve the students? Hello!?!?
    The truth is coming-With No Strings Attached!

  2. VERY disappointed in Ann Sutherland's recent comment on her Blog that the raises given the now over-paid 111 Dansby cronies will never be addressed. Just more of the same crap. As an employee it is disgusting to read Dansby lie through his teeth about bullying and nepotism. The election of Robbins is yet another joke for students and teachers. We are now supposed to believe this long time Needham sidekick is now going to be his own man? What a humiliating performance he gave - under oath mind you - in Decatur as he testified that there was no retaliation in FWISD. I suppose we shall see what the Board does with the Palazzolo case to know whether or not things will change. Linares was a great choice if you want to keep the bodies buried.