Friday, May 30, 2014

FAVORS PAY OFF IN FWISD- Dansby on a roll now with former Board Member Vasquez

Our psychic abilities keep on giving.

Seems like Dansby is paying back favors for not testifying.  Know that Carlos Vasquez, former Board Member and critical of Dansby, hid from being subpoenaed in the Palazzolo case in exchange for a cushy job at FWISD.  Let's not forget why Vasquez was upset at Johnson because he did not get a director job.  He worked hard to get rid of her.  Some say he left because he was upset but we learned that he was in trouble for being caught doing improper things at a school in the parking lot.  Everyone knew about it!

Tatum got his and now Vasquez!!  The job of Assistant Superintendent since we will have a few retirements like Sanchez, Serrano and Balandran.

So what's next?  How many more family members will be getting nice jobs with no experience.  Nothing will change for FWISD students if corruption is not eradicated from the roots.  You have the same players every single time and just when you think they have left, we are surprised once again.

FWISD BOARD, do not hire anymore bullies or you will continue to have legal battles.  You have the opportunity to create a new district for our children, rip out this chapter of corruption.

Vasquez knew all along the outcome, just stay quiet....  Fort Worth Weekly excerpt 2013

So he will be hired to a high position where he has been removed for a long time since his time in FWISD.  GPISD let him go because he was incompetent.  He then went to a book company until now.  So someone who is unethical will be added to the roll of incompetent people.

So how will TATUM react when he finds out Vasquez supports gays rights?  I am sure they will have plenty of time to talk together as they laugh to the bank.  Knowing they played their cards right and got what they wanted on the back of our students.

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