Thursday, May 29, 2014

What are friends for? 6:42 PM TATUM/DANSBY BROMANCE

In the Saga that is FWISD with the Palazzolo case, it seems we may be psychic after all.

In the Fort Worth Weekly, months ago, a story was published regarding the troubles Mr. Kiev Tatum was having personally but also with the lawsuit.  We have seen Mr. Tatum stand up against the district in many instances, once having to be escorted because of his opinion on matters.  Since the last time I recall that, I have not seen him be for kids any longer.  Another issue that came up was the discipline concerns where minority students were being suspended or disciplined more.  So we know that a Department of Education investigation was on hand as our fine admin before hid the information.  What we are appalled to know is that Mr. Tatum also knew about it and now that his boy Dansby is in power well that voice was turned off.

We predicted that if Mr. Tatum would not testify against FWISD, he would get a nice contract from the district, at that time we said 100,000 but we are not sure of the amount.  So it so happens that the district did award him a contract for his group and as you see he is now hiring people as shown on his facebook page.  So money does buy things and it certainly bought his silence and the truth that he knew about palazzolo.  So the good ol boy system is alive and well and know that it's not about kids of FWISD but just making sure he has a job to pay his child support or whatever troubles he has.  So our kids are in the losing game nowadays with the decisions being made by admin.  I would hope to see results but I am sure that they will not even bring it up unless asked because that's how things run.  The less you say the better and of course gets hidden under the rug.

We are also checking to see other possible employment of Tatum's wife in the district.  I am sure other perks exist.

Taxpayers are always on the losing end as well.

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  1. I just finished commenting on the most recent story quoting Tatum and his usual bullshit. To continue here; he is a selfish, unethical, pompous ass! He tried endlessly to get into Palazzolo's good graces, because he needed money, knowing that Joe was about to go to trail...and win! I heard that he asked Palazzolo for money, when he was told he had to pay back child support or be jailed! Oh yeah, where was your faith then, Tatum? I thought Needham was malevolent, but Tatum takes the malevolent cake! He needs to be extinguished with the same fire of faith he so preaches with!