Sunday, May 4, 2014


Below are comments made by people who are tired of the corruption, the cover ups and the treatment of employees at FWISD.  Interesting how the district support INOK and yet our students and teachers and others are mistreated and bullied.

Let's take for example the destruction of our diversity department where people had a voice and were heard and things were taken care of.  It was taken down once the palazzolo case took place because of people telling the truth.

Why don't they put emphasis on the cover up of OPS.  For example, in technology and also in data departments, many female employees going to report sexual harassment by Ken Torres and Chad who are still there.  They resigned because they could not be heard.  How about the many times they have sex in the warehouse?  Check the records, unless they have destroyed them.  Why is Menchaca still at the helm?  Well because he hides the bodies really well and if you let him go then you will have to pay him off.

So now come the next trial against Dansby.. spread the word and let's unite to get rid of them all.  We won't stop telling the truth!!!!  You know who you are.  We will uncover everything and make sure your face is plastered on the information along with it.

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  1. If you just get rid of Dansby, that won't fix the problem. Far too many snakes in the pit with him; how will we ever know where to begin??? Melody was terrible too and when we got her to leave, same corrupt behavior. Dansby gave lip service to some good ideals in the beginning. DERC is one specific example of this and sadly it was more of "let's not and pretend we did" practice. Silly waste of time! I've been on this committee since it began and nothing has really changed, NOTHING! Just getting rid of him alone won't do the job.