Thursday, May 29, 2014

TATUM BELIEVES GAY STUDENTS SHOULD BE BEATEN; So how can he work with our students and go against policy?

We have found a story from the North Dallas Gazette.  You can read the story and make your own judgement.

Whether you are for or against gay rights or not, no child should be beaten because your beliefs are different.  Did the child do wrong, yes but not to the point of beating just to satisfy your ego.

Violence at any level to any person is wrong, plain wrong.  He throws the Bible and I believe lying and covering up stuff is also against teaching.  The Bible says many things and I can tell you that he is not following the Bible.  Hypocrisy reigns here.

So here we have someone who believes in beating a student and yet is going to be involved with our FWISD students through the nice grant he received for his silence, being a good ol boy.
I ask the FWISD Board to look at this and decide who they have working with our students and basically going against established policy against discrimination of our students.  Parents should be concerned.



  1. Ruthless mother, and to call Tatum an "Asshole" is
    an insult to assholes everywhere! Didn't our country just chastise a Pro B Ball
    team owner for sharing his "racist" comments??? Now we have this
    waste of DNA (Tatum) siding with a child abuser, all because she has the
    religious right??? WTF is going on here? Tatum should be FIRED and defrocked
    for his idiotic and homophobic rants! Remember, when Tatum thought he was being
    injected with poison, when he was jailed for Child Support issues? This man is
    not operating with all cylinders!!! Your church’s teachings, Mr. Tatum, are
    nothing short of Koresh style cultism. The law says a parent can discipline a
    child as they see fit, except when it becomes abusive, and beating a child with
    an extension cord is ABUSIVE!!! This caused the child to be taken to the hospital.
    Discipline should NEVER cause a child to bleed! I am sickened beyond belief
    after reading this crap! Tatum needs to go away…far away to some remote town,
    where his child rearing and bible thumping bullshit is swallowed like Kool-Aid.
    Someone in the media better do something about this and contact FWISD about
    this moronic spawn of Satan!

  2. Think about people beaten or sentenced to death for being Christian by extremists who say their book allows it. How is Tatum different just because the bible says it.