Thursday, May 22, 2014

NORM ROBBINS-What are you thinking?

As we all know, Palazzolo won the first suit and right after the district indicated that they would appeal the case.

So it so happens that Norm Robbins is the only board member who wants to appeal the case, as well as, TASB.  Norm says that the district has nothing to loose by fighting it as if he doesn't remember the amount it is costing the district.  Yes!  still costing because of just sitting on it.  What he may not want to tell you is that if the district fights on and looses then they will have to pay back interest from 2012.

So citizens, you need to get on the phone and call him to tell him to stop wasting your money on something already gone.

TASB on the other hand wants the district to fight on because they don't want this suit to be precedent.  They are afraid of what can happen if the case stands.

So FWISD is being a puppet from outside people who were not elected by citizens of this city.  SO now we know we have a puppet administration doing the will of others ON PURPOSE!

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