Saturday, May 24, 2014


The first round of 5th grade scores came in weeks ago and we published them since our administration did not say anything about them or release them.  The board received a summary from Sorum which signaled that all was good and keep quiet.

So everyone else has received their scores and what do you know.. FWISD has been quiet and no mention of how things are going.

Don't be fooled.  When scores, according to them, are good they celebrate and give high fives.  But as we have found out from some surrounding districts they are not as good as last year and so no champagne bottles being opened at this point.

I can tell you that the abrupt change in curriculum format and the Pacing Guides did not help plus that teachers were not trained early enough to implement them until October.  So someone made everything without consulting the very people that have to do the work.  I know of one school whose scores were not as good... writing at 38%, reading in the 40s.  

Let's wait and see what the media communique is from those that say things are just fine... just look the other way.

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