Monday, May 2, 2016


Just when we think we can start something new for you to enjoy we keep getting the same ol thing.

Well we are on our way to be proven correct when it comes to the stronghold that Ramos has on the Northside, Garcia, the principal at JP Elder got a face to face interview this past Friday while the other candidates got it through digital means.  Congratulations Mr. Garcia you made it to Diamond Hill Jarvis because of who you know. Anyone else wishing to apply know that when you get interviewed on camera, it's a no for you.  Email us and we can tell you if it's worth interviewing, don't waste your time.

T.A. Sims, when awake, keeps the minority-majority silent as he places people he wants that do not match the overall hispanic population of the OD Wyatt area.

Let's just say student demographics have changed but the district still operates in the same way and wonders why education is at the bottom.

Tobi Jackson keeps her hands on administrative moves with all the moves being made.
Guess Scribner can't get a break from his friends who stab him in the back.  You are just a placeholder sir.. start applying so that you can find something better.... earn your keep by making a scandal so you can get bought out and earn a lot of money.

Just saying!

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