Tuesday, May 31, 2016


This is not a long post just a look at the past that we repeat year after year.  Take out the issue with Palazzolo and listen to the words that still resonate in this district.

Our employees who do not get paid enough, who work to keep our district clean, who feed our students, who serve, are mistreated and bullied by the department of Art Cavazos another good ole boy.  Things will not change until our leaders say enough is enough and you Mr. Ramos are complicit in this because you continue to allow it when you vowed to change it.  Now you are in power and what are you doing?  Worried more about yourself and gained so much more than the people who stood up for you.  The people at the bottom are suffering while you enjoy your prideful rise to whatever your masters allow you and give you.  Yes your masters who funded you and will continue to do so because as George Bush said, my little Mexican will do as we say.  You fly the Mexican flag, while in church hit your chest to signal forgiveness and hide under the raza emblem.. You sir are no Cesar Chavez nor any type of leader that is celebrated in this country.. You are a sell out period!  You stand for nothing and shall fall with nothing.

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