Thursday, May 5, 2016


It's the season to find the best talent for our kiddos. Don't be fooled no real interviews are happening just going through formalities. The positions are hand picked. 

In the Policy and Planning Org, an open records coordinator post is open and well the hand picked one is Joanna Talley who happens to be Raphaela Gomez's daughter. The only credentials we know of is that she has a high school diploma. Not sure if position will require a higher degree for a very important post. Think about all the files that need to follow the law for release. But the new chief Monge well it's a sealed deal since he hired Gomez and gave her a raise making more than teachers on a GED. So no need to apply for anyone. 
Word is out that recruiting for board races has begun. Next year a few openings and the Mexican mafia needs to grow its grip on power. So be on the lookout for the cat fights to begin. 
It seems that Ramos has started to target Paz, Jackson and TA Sims. Bite the hand of the ones who supported him. Reality tv at its best. 

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