Sunday, May 8, 2016

Polytechnic High School – the Most UNETHICAL, Unappreciative School in America

Yet again the administration asleep and doing nothing. 

1) Congrats Poly Teachers --- Teacher Appreciation Week was last week – May 2nd – 6th. Not one single thing was done for the teachers from the ADMINISTRATION. No email, no announcement, no acknowledgement. Guess, having a repeat of last year. The administrators will realize next week and do like they did last year – a 2 week late attempt at it that was a joke.

2) Why is the change in student attendance rampant, as usual? Thought TEA was coming to complete an audit. They better hurry before all of the evidence is destroyed again.

3) Why is the Attendance Clerk 2 – 3 weeks behind in entering data and allowing students to enter “confidential data”?

4) Students completing the IGC program because they can’t pass the STAAR test to graduate have been pulled out of class for a week. Now will be pulled for 1 – 2 more w eeks to be tutored to finish. Is this legal? Being tutored by teachers who are pulled from their core subject classes and not teaching their students. Seniors are being excused from making up any missed work from classes since they are working on their IGC. They have already had 6 weeks to work on it on their own.

5) Why were IGC Algebra students taken out of class, off campus without parent permission to the Boys and Girls Club to be tutored, then receive assistance with the IGC – isn’t that “cheating”? And illegal? And Unethical?

6) Students who a re no longer enrolled in the school are being tutored for the STAAR test. Teachers are not tutoring currently enrolled students – isn’t that a misuse of human resources??

7) Teachers (especially of seniors) are being pressured to change grades to passing. (not exclusive to Poly, teachers at Carter-Riverside and Northwest have complained as well)

8) Attendance at AP testing has been less than 50%, yet the tests are paid for by the district. The “entitled” students don’t feel the need to take the test because they didn’t pay for it. What a waste of tax payers dollars.

9) Why are there over 100 students in AP Social Studies classes when less than 20 qualify?

10) Financial Responsibility - why was an AP’s hotel room in San Antonio on the Riverwalk $343 a night paid with title 1 funds, when the rest of the school stayed in a Comfort Inn for $70 a night, government regulated price for the State Mariachi Competition?

11) Why are school records in an open office anybody can walk in and take a look at? Aren’t they supposed to be locked behind closed doors?

12) When was the last time Tobi Jackson visited the campus and wanted to make a difference? Seems she has been MIA since Scroggins was dismissed. Oh I know, check out her Facebook, her only concern is Eastern Hills.

13) Why isn’t the Master Schedule ready for next year? It was due April 26. Why did the AP start caring a week after it was due? When will they be held responsible for not completing their work on time and correctly? Why are core teachers being assigned to teach subjects they are not certified in? Why are they being reassigned to subjects they have never taught before?

14) Why are students put in classes they don’t want to take by the counselors? Why are counselors allowed to continually put students in Adv Placement classes to raise their GPA’s when colleges don’t considered the inflated GPA for college entrance?

15) Why are senior students with more than excessive absences by law being allowed to make up attendance?

16) Why are students who failed a class due to excessive absences being allowed to take the class in Odyssey? Thought Odyssey was only for failed classes? These actions send a message to students – not only do they not have to do the work, they don’t even have to come to class anymore. They can skip and make it up in Odyssey.

17) Why aren’t students punished for being tardy? Students have been tardy over 100 times and nothing happens to them.

18) Why isn’t the dress code being followed or enforced? Why are the teachers being told “because that might be all the student can afford so don’t worry about dress code”? If they are wearing $300 Jordan’s, carrying a Michael Kors purse, and have $250 Beats on their heads, pretty sure they can afford clothes to follow the dress code.

19) Why are students on their phones with headphones in their ears when the teacher is lecturing or conducing class? Students have laptops now, they don’t need their phone as a resource.

20) Why is the store across the street a revolving door during class? Any given time, 5 or more students will be over there when they are supposed to be in class. Just waiting on one to get run over so the parents can sue.

21) Why are there over 25 students in the 1st floor hallway during class time? 9th graders specifically are out of control.

22) Why can a teacher be cussed out and treated with disrespect, and the student receives no discipline?

23) Why are teachers being disciplined for writing discipline referrals? Why aren’t discipline referrals handled in a timely manner if handled at all?

24) Why are teachers being written up for missing Monday and Friday? Didn’t they earn those days off? Isn’t their right to take off the days they need to?

25) Why is teachers allowed to make up grades for students and not follow district policy? Stude nts GPA’s are being affected because teachers aren’t being held accountable for grades.

26) Why is a math substitute still in place 6 months after the teacher quit? Students aren’t being taught. They are being told to complete their work on a math web site, with not instructions or assistance.

27) Why are teachers showing movies in class? Teachers were told in Faculty meeting -- NO MOVIES – STAAR testing wasn’t even over and teachers were already showing movies.

28) Why is their a field day called Hunger Games happening “off campus” on May 27th – senior finals day and final review day for undergrads? Why does the application say the student have to have a teacher sponsor, but the teacher doesn’t have to attend the event? Isn’t there supposed to be a teacher sponsor for every 10 students they travel off campus?

29) Why are the Poly students running the building and not the administrators? The place is totally out of control with undisciplined, disrespectful, out of control teenagers.

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