Friday, April 29, 2016


We all know this topic very well because it happens a lot in FWISD.  The only way to get noticed and to be promoted is to do something bad and there are plenty of stories.

One that is under the new Chief of Secondary Schools Cherie Washington and her husband the principal at OD Wyatt is, Mr. Corey Shepard, an assistant principal, who had a bit of a run with the law and who now gets to be an example for our students.  So got a promotion for his debacle and well we know T.A. SIMS has him covered and the current administration as well.

We have many more stories that you can catch up on if you are new.  How about the nipple pinching principal who got reassigned to central office instead of being fired?

Dugan from Trimble Tech reassigned even after the investigation was completed.

Neta Alexander was at fault for the Arlington Heights Scandal but was paid her entire contract after she resigned.

Sherry Breed untouchable because of her lawsuit against the district for reported abuse.

Nothing new here!

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