Tuesday, May 24, 2016


Well just a tidbit about other things going on in the district.

The bathroom issue now seems to be going to forums so that parents get a say.  This can either mean, changing the policy or the board actually standing up to what they approved 5 years ago.  We will see if big money wins as they do in elections.

We got word that the Principal at Rosemont MS seems to be absent a lot and does not document absences.  But since Hilda Caballero is at the helm, the principal is protected.  Once again, do I as I say not as I do.  This can also mean that people in upper mgmt are protecting as well.

Tonight the board will vote on the new principals at OD Wyatt and Diamond Hill Jarvis HS---no surprises here.. we called it.. Garcia from Elder will go to DHJH and the Principal from Jacquet Martin will be going to OD Wyatt.  Keeping the status quo alive.  Then we have TA Sims requesting a black AP for the school as well, guess there are no other type of people around.

And big kudos to Gerardo Contreras, who by nepotism, won the YAP Advocate of the Year Award.  Im sure a big drinking party and smoking will come after.  Cheers!!!

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