Tuesday, May 10, 2016


Sexual assault on language center student while teacher, Mr. Kevin Bishop, leaves students unattended in his portable. Female student attacked by 3-4 boys.  Boys are still at school, ISS/OCI punishment, that it all. Bishop on leave.

Non-verbal special education student bound to his wheelchair by teacher, Mr. Moore, using bailing twine. Second occurrence. Punishment? All special education staff  have to undergo further training on how to properly restrain a student in their wheelchair. Malicious child abuse and he gets a slap on the wrist. Thanks FWISD and DMS admin for dropping the ball once again.

In preparation for STAAR retakes, those who passed the first round are allowed to play on their phones, watch movies, walk the track and hang out while those that failed are in camps.  Why attend the last 3 weeks of school if teachers aren't going to teach?

We have a major pile of students that need to be seen and tested by our LSSP. She is yet to darken DMS doors this year. Two years now.

Student behavior of out of control.  How many teacher assaults have we had this year? What's the point of an infraction if admin won't work it?

How is our principal  still employed? How many grievances have been brought upon her this year?

Our school is unsafe and poorly lead. Can we get a real leader?

Principal Cynthia Miles Brown

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