Wednesday, April 1, 2015


Interesting how being on the board pays off for family and friends but leave the 70% of people you are held to represent on the sidelines.  You can call it helping out children because of the services offered but have clout when it comes to getting it approved.

YAP and MBK are programs designed to assist students who are at risk and need help.

No one questions what mentoring and one on one does for students, once again it's who is behind it and how it came to be.  We know Ramos helped write the grant for the YAP program of which the district funded as well.  Then he hires his own people.. basically his friends.  Do we know what the process was to pick the people, were there interviews, what were the protocols?  Now you have people going around saying they are helping the district when a lot of the resources have been given and focused on one population.  Here you have a majority latino district and has yet to see the fruit of its labor unless it's the one high school you represent like in Ramos' case.  What happened to the latino champion who keeps using phrases like BAM- Bad Ass Mexican and #asiderechito- like it means something.. well have you asked those that are affected if they care about hashtags? 

The people sorrounding the speakers of these programs to include Read 2 Win are not representative of the district and its diversity.  The programs waere designed to self-promote and for the benefit of a few.

We have yet to see anything show results or even provide any information to the public.  All that happens is approval behind closed doors where decisions are made and then vote in public to make it look like consensus when nothing has ever been brought to the larger community. 

Check out the people that are part of the programs and who is working.  We can tell you it's not a diverse group of individuals, they all lie in a few zip codes.

Houston we have a representation problem!


  1. Was this very grammatically incorrect article just written because no one responded to the last article? Come on CIAFWISD, you can do better than this. With a former principal fathering a student's baby, a board member having mistresses, or a teacher running to Egypt with a student, I expect a little more.

  2. concernedcitizensfortworthisdApril 1, 2015 at 9:23 PM

    We only have so much talent WTF.. we just report the news.. we depend on you to give us more.

  3. Why have we let Surtherland off the hook about Dugan? Ramos? Sabotin? I want to try to support her, but she just says she "wasn't aware!" BS! We have made it clear, yet NOTHING has been done. Am I alone here?!

  4. Just look at the "objective" coverage in the Star T. Needham (in her totally butch dew) gets a stand alone photo while the rest (incumbents and contenders) are relegated to a gallery. Fort Worth has become so CORRUPT it is unbelievable. Big Money gone wild. Ray Dickerson in "Citizens for Great Schools" should say it all.

  5. The face of FWISD that radiates corruption and will continue to keep away any quality Superintendent candidates.


  7. Can someone please look into the silent lunches at Benbrook MS? They are treating middle schoolers and high schoolers like 5 year olds? What the heck is going on there? Looks like Sorum's little buddy can't run a school.