Friday, April 17, 2015

5701 Meadowbrook, Building 3 CASH COW for Fort Worth

The debate over the truancy court has been on the radar for many years going back to when Rangel was a trustee.  Rangel wanted to destroy the place because of what it was doing to our students, making them criminals.

Now that the legislature has a bill to basically not criminalize truancy we are back to what is a 300,000 dollar win for the city plus fines that they collect on the students that end up before the judge.  The bill aims to lower the charge to about $100 fine instead of $500 and no charges or jail time.

The district has not figured out a way to deal with truancy because of the politics involved.  Everything is done at the last minute with home visits instead of being proactive from the beginning. 

So who allowed this to continue even when Rangel wanted it shut down?  Well Commissioner Brooks, Ms. Moss and Tobi Jackson knew the secret and supported it.  Many secret meetings held to make decision on the Golden Calf. 

Sutherland got upset when Michael Steinert was found to be in Austin in support of the current law surprising everyone.  So now Steinert is the voice of the district even when the legislative policy administrator Jerry Moore had no idea.  Remember this is how our district runs.. you can do whatever you want without asking for permission.

No surprise that this goes back to the time of Speer when she was a chief in the district.  Now she boasts her experience and we know she is the cause of the dysfunction that we have operated under for a long time.  She needs to own this along with the Jackson, Moss, Needham, etc. 

This is the district's only answer to helping our students, put them in jail!!


  1. Truancy is a statewide issue with Tx. writing twice the number as any other state. Students who cannot pay fines leave school with a criminal record. Truancy is a class C misdemeanor thus making it difficult for students to get work, into a trade school and/or college. The Lege is attempting to stop this practice led by Sen. John Whitmire. Write to his office in support of his bill. Several years ago the Tarrant County Bar Association held a workshop on mediating FWISD truancy court cases. HOWEVER THIS HAS NEVER BEEN IMPLEMENT IN FWISD. WHY? This is a cash cow of $$$ dark hole money for the District.

  2. This is part of Dickerson's "Citizens for Great Schools" agenda

  3. Sickening, I'm confused. How is a serious issue --truancy-- part of Dickerson's Citizens for Great Schools agenda? Funnily enough, I was told Mr. Dickerson's group is not supporting anyone in District 5.....just saying.......but check facts for yourself. Even though they did not endorse me, there are some really genuinely nice people in that group who are what their title stands for....