Thursday, April 23, 2015

Tobi Jackson says Linares Knows Where the Bodies are

This just in...

A source has indicated to us that this morning Tobi Jackson responded to a question regarding the superintendent search and mentioned that they put Linares because of 17 years of service to the district and because

 She knows where all the bodies are buried at and may have buried some of her own. 

So it is confirmed that they have destroyed the lives of countless people and buried it all. 

Interesting that she mentioned that she was against the superintendent finalist all along but funny how she never said anything then. That someone leaked the names of the finalists and that scared them away. That many of the dealings were done at night and Ray and associates wanted them to sweeten the deal for the candidate. So we wonder what the district was willing to sacrifice on the backs of our students. So at that point they were not discussing what is best for us but get the person in place quick. 

She credits herself for having Sims and Moss coming together to talk to west Fort Worth so basically saying they were segregating themselves and the schools. 

And get this, she voted for the long bus ride to the new STEM school back then because if she voted and got it passed then they could look for an alternative site. Really? You can want us to believe that once passed you can change the site without board approval?  So she was for it before she was against it. 

So where are the bodies buried at.?

More to come once we get more information.


  1. Bodies: some retired, some quit, some hidden in FWISD buildings and some promoted (not qualified) if sworn to continue covering up corruption.
    Menchaca and Mendoza used to destroy lives...forgetting they have loved ones. Again, that is so typical of Latinos. Remember the song: I'm Your Puppet?

  2. Gee there is really only one response to what Jackson said " PANTS ON FIRE". The only true thing she said was that Linares knows where the bodies are. We've known that since Tocco bought her off for a $20,000 a year bump when the rest of us were getting nothing. It is nice to see that at least in her case she's throwing some of her fellow board members under the bus.

  3. You can guess where I am going with this: Palazzolo. The only one to have fought this corrupt organization and survive! His case legally established that corruption is a way of life in FWISD. How did Linares become Interim Super? By having a convenient memory just as she was about to be called to the witness stand. How did Robbins almost immediately after the trial become Board President? By lying under oath that FWISD does not retaliate against employees. He is the ultimate example of the Peter Principal. Just ask anyone at Lockheed. The House of Cards is about to fall. Palazzolo was the start: Farrington Field/STEM/Terrell is another nail. I knew that "Bond shortfall" B.S. was a scam from the get-go. Any one in construction knows the Contractor who bid the job and followed the specs is liable if he cannot do what he said he would do. Completion Bond. This whole Bond issue has been a scam from the beginning. Where is the Attorney General? Look beyond Linares to Dickerson.

  4. Linares memory loss at trial. Menchaca's memory loss at trial. Workplace bullying since Tocco days, continued by Speer and Dansby. When you are qualified to lead you bully and intimidate. Tocco and Johnson allowed it. It is the NORM at FWISD. Employees know it and will speak if there wasn't any retaliation. Employee Relations is a hornet's nest, NO ONE in there is to be trusted. All related to or friends with Speer, Loester Posey, Chief Mendoza, Menchaca, all the way to board members...Ramos is related to Mendoza. How do you expect change? Palazzolo's case is the ONLY way to shed light on FWISD and the city! It is coming...

  5. concernedcitizensfortworthisdApril 24, 2015 at 7:41 AM

    Here are some of the people who have helped bury the bodies and to this date:

    Needham, Marty Leonard, Cecilia Speer