Monday, April 13, 2015


UEA sent out a press release to denounce the dirty war that Speer, on behalf of Needham , has begun to degrade Sutherland.  We knew what Needham is capable of but now she has shown it with Speer.  I am sure Citizens for Great Schools are behind the money as well since they so highly endorse Speer.  Funny how they say to be about improving schools and helping students but are nasty about it.  The old guard wants to keep its tabs on everything so that we don't uncover their dirty truths.  Don't give up Dr. Sutherland

We are looking for the flyer that was sent out to see what voters are getting at home.  If anyone has a copy email it or post it on the comments.

We need to keep pushing out all Needham cronies.


UEA Responds to MudSlinging in FWISD District 6 / Calls On Candidates to Talk About Real Issues
(Fort Worth, Texas April 13, 2015)
Today, the United Educators Association calls for the candidates in the Fort Worth ISD District 6 race to focus on the real,
substantive issues facing our students and teachers and not the needless mud‐slinging we saw in an attack piece leveled
against Dr. Ann Sutherland.
“It is shameful that the first piece of communication the voters see is a negative hit piece full of half‐truths and false
accusations”, says Steven Poole, Executive Director of UEA. “The fact of the matter is that Dr. Ann Sutherland’s censure was
nothing but an attempt to silence her. Dr. Ann Sutherland speaks truth to power and that makes some people nervous. We
need more school board members like Dr. Ann Sutherland.”
Our schools have real issues that need to be discussed and addressed. We call upon the candidates to debate class sizes, the
budget that impacts our schools, overworked teachers and staff, and the best way to address the educational needs of our
students. “What we do not need is negative mud‐slinging that distracts us from the work at hand – the needs of our students
and staff,” says Poole.

UEA holds candidates to high


  1. This shouldn't be a surprise to anyone! Speer is probably not only getting her $ from Citizens for Greater (oxymoron) Schools and Judy herself! It's NO SECRET Medusa hates Sutherland, so now she stoops this low...? Yes, anything to keep the bodies buried and be in control! The sitting board, excluding Sutherland, are there to suit their own personal agendas. I'm just waiting for the day Karma bites Needham ' s ass...hard! Speer is as corrupt as the day is long. No wonder a snake works best with other snakes!

  2. Please attend the PTA COUNCIL Candidate Forum tonight. It will be moderated and time allowed for audience questions of candidates. The meeting starts at 7 p.m. in the Shotts Ave. school board meeting room. Taxpayers, parents, students and teachers if you fear retaliation from Administration send a neighbor or friend with your questions of the candidates. Unlike school board meeting for public comment, this should be your opportunity to ask candidates questions vs. the rules at board meeting for public comment you are only allowed to make statement but cannot ask a specific board member questions. Citizens of Fort Worth your opportunity to ask for solutions going forward for FWISD. It is my intention to hang around after the meeting to meet citizens and answer your questions for District 5 and public education districtwide. I want to be your public servant in District 5.

  3. Linda, please take the opportunity to strongly let everyone there know just how few positive things Needham has done for the district in the last 5 years. It would be easy to go back further but I don't thinks it would be necessary.

  4. I did an open records request on just this far no response...specifically I wanted to know if her "fundraising efforts" had brought $$ to FWISD? Anyone out there .....can you answer this question?

  5. Just let me retireApril 16, 2015 at 5:12 PM

    I know of an instance where she helped raise money for the park in the Arlington heights area. Needhan put in $10,000'.00 of her own money to get the fund going and then after the money was raised she insisted her 10k to be refunded back to her...

  6. concernedcitizensfortworthisdApril 16, 2015 at 10:43 PM

    SPEER GOT CALLED for lying about Dr. Sutherland. She said that Sutherland was censured by unanimous vote and that was a lie, even the public said that's not true. She looked choppy and unprepared. She tried to get on Sutherland but we in the audience put her in her place.

  7. Let me tell you the comment I made at the end of evening to Speer ....mikes were off...I said "you should be ashamed of yourself"...This was as we were leaving the dais and Speer had commented "she plays well with others! The entire evening had been civil. I actually felt the other candidates had made good points and presentation....Then Speer went on attack against Sutherland.....Speer was just disgraceful. Voters need to remember Speer was part of the "reign of terror" at Central Administration. Regardless of waffling Ann is a good person and the best candidate for District 6