Tuesday, March 31, 2015


One would think that being so dedicated and called to a religion would warrant some humility and a yearning to help your fellow human brother or sister because that's what the scriptures tell you.

But we know that even in the holiest of stories there is greed all around.  This election has brought out so much of it because of the aligning of all the parties who are hungry for more power and more money.  We certainly don't profess to be or know everything about religion but what we do know is when you take somebody's work and make it your own and then

RUN IT AS PROPAGANDA   it says a lot about your character and your soul.

Read 2 Win- the program touted by Sultan Cole is one example.  In our last posting we mentioned something about it and had to dig to find out.  Cole is, as stated on the website, the Director of Program Development.  So this would ring true to his ownership of the program that he says is his.  But as with any story there are two sides.

Back a few years ago before it got started, Danna Diaz, was in charge of working tarrantnet on this initiative.  She worked to create it and when it was all done Dansby took her off of it.  Diaz was not a happy camper because it was her baby and now what do we see.. Cole taking it as his creation and of course this was for tarrantnet to partner with FWISD to serve children.

We tried to find results of the initiative and at this point have not found anything that tells us how things are going.  No doubt that early intervention and one on one service will help our students.  What we don't like is what has become something of money and then use it on the campaign.

The issue is taking something that was not yours in the first place.  The other is the people who keep on coming up in this picture.. Sultan, Dansby and everyone else that is riding the bus to get him elected.  Check out Ricky who is Ramos' mentor.  He has a contract with the district and it was pushed by Ramos' supporters at the board meeting where it looked like TObi was against it and caved in at the last minute.  So it looks like more of the same but in a different color.

All of this information came from people who were present at the meetings and the early stages of the partnership with tarrantnet.  So once again adults using children to advance their own self-interest.  But we know that there are many angry people who want to get back in and continue the havoc that has become our district.

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  1. Sultan Cole is a Black Tobi Jackson. From his questionable credentials to his child in Paschal. With known womanizers like Dansby and Ramos supporting him what do you think will happen to schools in District 2? NOTHING. They will continue to get worse. Patronage will continue. Until voters realize FWISD is simply a huge cash cow attracting people like this who are totally removed from actual EDUCATION - nothing will change.