Friday, April 17, 2015


Now that election season is underway, Dr. Sutherland got an opponent in Cecilia Speer a former FWISD administrator who is supported by Judy Needham and the old guard money.

We know she has started on the attack against Sutherland and we know Citizens for Great Schools and Needham are behind it.  She then went to the forum hosted by the PTA Council and lied about her.  She stated that Sutherland was censured unanimously by the board when it's a lie.

She touted her experience in the FWISD as someone that can bring about the change needed.  In our opinion is to keep the bodies buried because at this point Sutherland has been the sole voice on the board to uncover and speak against the corruption that we have.

Hopefully others will comment on here and relate their stories about her.

The first story stems when Raul Duran grieved for the opportunity to interview for a supervisor position where Speer had not given a latino a chance.  She said she had hired a latino which stunned everyone present.  Read the article which will give you the facts presented at the time.  The result of having true qualified representation of any race is not evident now with the people that have ruled forever.  Truly there is but one latino at central admin and the ones they are trying to move up are not qualified.  The only qualification is that they are related to someone in the district.

The other story that shows Speer's character is a lawsuit brought up by an employee that underwent so much stress, bullying and harassment that even with proof lost the case.  Here is a summary of that event, we have the facts but to protect the source, we will not publish the document until permission is given.

The employee had filed a Worker's Comp report because she was injured by Loester Posey and Cecilia Speer who played a prank on her by using a large rubberband snake which was placed under a large envelope in the seat of the chair.  During the Worker's Comp hearing, Posey and Speer admitted to the prank.  The employee was startled which caused her to jump and her foot landed in a metal garbage can near her desk.  She fell to the floor, twisted her body and reinjured her wrist from a surgery she had before.  The incident resulted in injury and humiliation.

The employee filed the report which was never submitted to Worker's Comp and had to resubmit one two months later.  The interesting part here is that Posey and Speer were the appeal officers as well.  So you run the department and get to decide at the same time whether to approve an injury or not.  The employee sent various letters to Speer to request to be heard with no response.  She also sent a letter to Dansby at the time to complain about the retaliation with no response.  Even in the deposition Speer and Posey admit to the prank and the resulting injuries.

But guess what?  As in many cases in Tarrant County the district always gets its way.  After all evidence presented and proved, the case went for the district.  To add insult to injury, the employee had to pay court costs.  The lawyer for the district was Barlow.  No surprise, the same lawyers keeping the bodies hidden.

So you can see folks Speer comes with much baggage and she will continue to cover up for the district and against employees.  Her whole reason for being in the race is because Needham wants Sutherland gone and other groups.

BAD NEWS if she gets elected!!!!  Stand with Sutherland.

LISTEN BELOW TO AUDIO.. go to the END and hear SPEER and her lies then Sutherland calls her on it.


  1. Riddick is back working at FWISD for the Golden Calf. Attendance Control and Truancy Court is the one of the largest scams in FWISD. The dept is a joke headed Barry Smith, who buries his head in the have an asst. director doing absolutely NOTHING and has TWO administrative assistants!!! You think the admin building is top heavy CHECK OUT this dept. And check out the racial makeup: judge, court coordinators, asst. director, director, majority of stay in school coordinators... (ex adult probation officers) REALLY??? WORKING WITH KIDS???

  2. Latinos still can't crack the glass ceiling UNLESS you are a relative or friend of upper rank or baord member:
    Xavier Sanchez! Brian Renteria coming soon. Also, watch that NONE need to be qualified to do the job either.
    Look at depts...entire depts at admin building racial make up: Georgi Roberts crew, Kathryn Everest crew, Anita Perry's crew, Chris Riddick's crew REVALATION: ALL UNDER STEINERT!!!
    ALL depts once under Speer!

  3. Let me answer you question CIA. Speer did not show well in the forum.
    Grim, unsmiling; she was the only candidate that did not ever connect with the audience at some point. Think Politburo face. She chose to attack Sutherland during the allotted summation and it was a real buzz kill besides being factually incorrect. The audience reacted negatively and quickly. Speer seemed oblivious that an earlier forum question (one of six) concerned harmonious board relations and what each candidate would do to change that. She contradicted herself at the end. Those closing comments were not received well. She also disappeared like smoke at the conclusion, unlike the other candidates who mingled.
    Judy Needham was not present. It was announced she was sick.

  4. Former FWISD CoachApril 18, 2015 at 6:26 PM

    There are a couple of stories about Speer and her buddy Neta Alexander from AHHS. I will leave the story about Palazzolo's case and witch hunt to someone else. Before Joe arrived, our Campus Liaison Officer was Officer Pena. he was awesome with the kids. Treated everyone the same: white. black, brown, yellow, rich & poor. That was his downfall. When he held everyone to the same standard - including the alleged pot smoking child of a certain principal - well he had to go. How dare he hold all children to the same standards! Alexander bragged about making one call to Speer who had him removed. THAT is the Speer most employees know: corrupt, unethical, no experience. She will do whatever Dickerson, Needham and the good ole boys want her to do.

  5. As we are sick of her

  6. Very true.. Xavier Sanchez did nothing at Kirkpatrick.. But mama had a big role in him getting there. So you don't produce anything and you get promoted. Hence the Torrez fellow who took his place they are all in the same boat. Renteria is a wannabe who kisses butt all he can. So yes he will be there for sure. So yes we can support latinos but not stupid.

  7. Kiss Ass Renteria, quickly jumped from Vasquez to Ramos when he saw Vasquez losing. He is such a loser...MANO group is a joke...he tries to take the credit, but all you have to is listen to him speak. His twin Xavier is just as worthless. These are the types of Latinos that will be promoted...why, NO INTEGRITY!!! Will do what are told! Don't forget Menchaca! Sellouts and cover up corruption!

  8. Very true.. all you have to do is ask for the data and it will prove that they have not anything to improve. It's all in the name and recognition and photo op.

  9. Latinos had better come together for this election. This is our last chance to rid FWISD of Needham and Jackson and to help keep Sutherland. It is too late to do anything about Moss. Just look at her and that idiot that announced he was running against her. Too stupid to know where he lived? We need to encourage EVERYONE we know to vote. Time for people to put their money where their mouth is. Get out the vote!!!

  10. Help me get the word out in District 5. I have been criticized for not enough name recognition. I need latino voters in District 5 to come out to Vote for me. Can I ask for 5 volunteers from the Latino community? I have the ability to win if I can prove I am inclusive. I believe all children are entitled to a public education. South Hi Mount and Stripling Middle School are in District 5. We need more votes from these parents. I cannot do this by myself. I was out walking my District yesterday in Anglo areas. All agreed it was time for Needham to go but I need a diverse supportive base to reach out to. Help me defeat Needham. I have taken NO money from anyone. I will not be beholdin' to monied interests in District 5.