Thursday, April 16, 2015


Ok before you all start throwing rocks at us for this post.. let's put it in context of the message we are trying to convey.

So we know Mr. Ramos has this thing for Northside where he represents and could almost be a saint if Father Jasso had his way.  But we know he can't perform miracles and hope not.. we'd have a lot of baby daddies going around.

So he has gotten to the point where he shows up for the photo ops like our friend Tobi..

In the video link, he starts crying about how proud he is in his heritage and we do applaud the parents at Jara EL because they did the work on their own.  But the man takes the credit when he barely showed up.  Also how he supports the latino efforts, etc, etc.

Yet he supports non-latino candidates and issues because he owes his loyalty to one man, his mentor.
So while we wanted to be touched by the emotion, we know he can play it well and we gave him the Oscar for best actor in a drama series.

We could believe him but he sold out on Metro from the onset.. he stayed quiet and only when pressured mounted did he become the savior.  He has sold out completely to make himself noticed and use the district as his stepping stone to something else.  At the same time working a few hours on the taxpayer back. Seriously, not that students may not appreciate it but how does he get so much time off?  Making trip after trip and being at so many events.  Tell me how we can do something like that because we all work an 8 hour or longer job.  2 hours a day!!!

So we are not fooled by anything he does anymore..


  1. What can you expect. A weasal is the same whether it's white , black, or hispanic.


    STEINERT? What are your credentials to voice an opinion on TRUANCY? Funny, he never visits any campus, much less the courts!!! Oh, yea, but his buddy is Sorum and company!

  3. We need some sort of truancy court to deal with those students that refuse to come to school. I agree with the idea of eliminating the fines for the students but in return the fines should be transferred over to the adult guardian/s. Without that there is no incentive for the parent to make sure a truant child will get to school. I've seen to many kids and parents that would come to school or make sure the kid came until that $500.00 a day ticket came into play. When the parent was held financially responsible it was amazing how the students absence pattern changed.

  4. I think its time to expose that LOW LIFE Ray Dickerson and the so-called Citizens for "GREAT" Schools. Any educational organization with Dickerson involved has to be about $$$$ and not children. We need to DUMP Jackson and Needham and make sure Speer never sees the inside of a Board Executive Session. REMEMBER Speer helped create failing schools in FWISD. Does anyone remember this story in the Weekly?