Tuesday, January 3, 2017


It would be great to have something new and better come to FWISD but so far nothing.  We end up with the same crap just different incompetence.

So Principals were given a good talking to by Scribner prior to the break where he got mad at them for what he lacks from his cabinet.  He said people must follow the chain of command to report stuff and not to board members.  That there must be communication, blah, blah.
Funny he says communication when he failed to inform parents of the new Visual Arts school and how they are putting it off another year.  Thanks for informing parents.


Principals have no support as Achieve 3000 and Smarty Ants have completely destroyed any type of accountability that makes sense for student learning.  Scribner said he has made improvements in learning after he got his new contract and no data to present.  So he is upset and tells principals that people are not prepared at board meetings when members ask for information.  Ah, well that's nothing new, you kept the same people in place and that is the norm.  Say things are good and nothing to show for it.

So back to Achieve 3000, Scribner, the program is differentiation for students who can read!!!  So when you are trying to say the program will help students, no it helps them when they are able to read and it differentiates the reading and comprehension levels.  Computers are not working well at the schools and can't get to the sites.  The Spanish for Smarty Ants is nowhere to be found...
So your friends made some money on the backs of our students.. if it is working show us the data.

We have a some days left before going back.. but the nightmare is still there.  We are screwed with no one to help us out.  Scores will show for sure!!!

See how he is praised for greatness!! puke!

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